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French Couple Lamps have been created from the vintage lamp bases that are found in antique stores usually with nothing more than the base itself. The are most often marked with "Made in Japan" or "Made in Occupied Japan" dating them between 1945 and 1952.

My idea to redesign the lamp was to use vintage cups and saucers with chandelier light and new electric parts and cord.

Hope to please you with the outcome and hope you will find a place in your home for a little more light.

Boy and Girl Lamps-boy lamp, girl lamp, Victorian shade, boy and girl lamp
Boy and Girl Lamps
French Couple Lamp IX-French couple, couple lamp, candle light
teacup light
French Couple Lamp IX
French Couple Lamp VII-French lamp, rose lamp, cup and saucer lamp, rose lamp
French Couple Lamp VII
French Couple Lamp X-couple lamp, porcelain couple lamp, cup and saucer lamp
French Couple Lamp X
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