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Hand Painted Roses

This category is devoted to a variety of items that will feature hand painted roses.  From luggage, to cake covers, tea pots and more.  Sure to make the perfect gift or display item for your home when nothing but roses will do.

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A4 Rose Painted Suitcase-Hand painted roses, painted roses, painted suitcase, pink roses
A4 Rose Painted Suitcase
Bless Our Home Plaque-Bless Our Home Plaque
Bless Our Home Plaque
French Pastry Sign-pink oval sign, pink sign, french sign,
french pastry sign, rose pastry sign
French Pastry Sign
Friends  Welcome Sign-Blue bird Plaque, Welcome sign
Friends Welcome Sign
Hand Painted Cake Cover-hand painted rose cover, hand painted roses, painted cake cover, rose cake cover
Hand Painted Cake Cover
Lavender Rose Train Case-rose train case, violet train case, lavender rose train case, violet rose train case
Lavender Rose Train Case
Pale Blue Water Can-water can, galvanized water can, rose water can, blue water can, water can art
Pale Blue Water Can
Paris Advertising Sign-Paris advertising, roses, corset sign, white plaque, roses plaque
Paris Advertising Sign
Pink Lap Desk-Pink Lap Desk
Pink Lap Desk
Pink Perfume Train Case-pink train case, perfume train case, rose train case
Pink Perfume Train Case
Pink Rose Card Box-Receipt Box, Post Card Box, Note Card Box, Rose Note Box, Painted Rose Box
Pink Rose Card Box
Pink Towel Holder-Pink towel and towel holder
Pink Towel Holder
Pink Watering Can-pink watering can, galvanized watering can, rose painted watering can, hand painted roses
Pink Watering Can
Pink Wood Round Box-pink round box, wood box, fashion pink box, pink hat box
Pink Wood Round Box
Rose Cake Cover II-Rose Cake Cover, cream cake cover, pink roses cake cover
Rose Cake Cover II
Rose Garland Train Case-rose train case, garland train case, pink rose train case
Rose Garland Train Case
Out of Stock
Rose Painted Cream Train Case-rose train case, rose painted train case, cream train case, hand painted train case, pink rose train case,
Rose Painted Cream Train Case
Rose Shelf-Hand Painted Rose Shelf, shelf with rod
Rose Shelf
Shabby Chic Chalk Board-rose chalk board
chalk board
hand painted roses
shabby chic chalk board
Shabby Chic Chalk Board
Shaving and Laundry Soaps-Pink Plaque, Laundry Soap Plaque
Shaving and Laundry Soaps

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