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Rescued and Restored

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This category will be devoted to items that I felt needed to be recovered and restored as many will never be seen again. Far too many have been left to wither away in someones attic or basement so I have rolled up my sleeves and gone to work.  Hope you will see in them what I did. 

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1 Cameo Topped Perfume Bottle-Cameo Perfume Bottle, Perfume Bottle, Glass Perfume Bottle, Victorian Perfume Bottle
1 Cameo Topped Perfume Bottle
8 Pink Hat Mirror and Brush-pink. brush, mirror
8 Pink Hat Mirror and Brush
9 Pink Brush & Mirror Rose Lady-lady, roses, pink, brush, mirror
9 Pink Brush & Mirror Rose Lady
Boy and Girl Lamps-boy lamp, girl lamp, Victorian shade, boy and girl lamp
Boy and Girl Lamps
Out of Stock
Cameo Vanity Tray and Bottle-perfume bottle, vanity tray, cut glass bottle, cut glass tray, cameo tray, cameo bottle
Cameo Vanity Tray and Bottle
Carl Schneiders Courting Couple Flute Lamp-Carl Schneiders lamp, couple lamp, Victorian lamp, floral lamp shade
Carl Schneiders Courting Couple Flute Lamp
Out of Stock
Cherub Light XII-cherub light, pink cherub light, rose light, pink rose light, bubble light, pink bubble light
Cherub Light XII
Country Rose Tier IV-Country rose dish, Dresden plate, tier dish, server
Country Rose Tier IV
Couple Cup I-candle cup, pink candle cup, rose candle cup
Couple Cup I
Couple Cup II-candle cup, pink couple cup, couple cup, candle stick
Couple Cup II
Couple Rose Cup-couple light, rose cup, promenade couple, pink couple light
Couple Rose Cup
Depression Glass Candle Cup-pink candle cup, depression glass bowl, pink depression glass
Depression Glass Candle Cup
French Couple Lamp-French couple lamp, pink gent lamp, pink lady lamp, vintage German lamp
French Couple Lamp
French Couple Lamp IX-French couple, couple lamp, candle light
teacup light
French Couple Lamp IX
French Couple Lamp VII-French lamp, rose lamp, cup and saucer lamp, rose lamp
French Couple Lamp VII
French Couple Lamp X-couple lamp, porcelain couple lamp, cup and saucer lamp
French Couple Lamp X
Glam Girl Pin Cushion-lady pin cushion, pin cushion, display pin cushion
Glam Girl Pin Cushion
Grafenthal Courting Couple-courting lamp, courting couple lamp, green rose lamp, vintage lamp, German lamp
Grafenthal Courting Couple
Out of Stock
Large Cheub Lamp-Cherub Lamp, Pink Shade, White Cherub Lamp, Lamp
Large Cheub Lamp
Light XIV-pink light, glass light, bubble light, pink rose light, glass lamp, table lamp
Light XIV

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